October 20th, 2004


Done today so far

Weight Watchers meeting in town, since my at-work one didn't get the required 15 people (only 13 non-Lifetimers) I will be attending the Monday evening meetings from now on - going there right from work.
Renewed my Driver's License - now you get a receipt and they mail you the new one.... can't remember if that happened five years ago or not. And the DMV hadn't MOVED! That was a shock.
Got my laundry done at a laundrymat. Been a long time since I was in one of those. Four washers - not as many as I thought but still much faster than four loads done one at a time.
Filled out my Advanced Voting Ballot.

Now I need to:
Mail the ballot (needs $0.60 postage.
Visit Adam
Go to the parent/teacher/counselor conference at 3
Pick up Thomas from TKD class by 6:30