October 24th, 2004


The mind is a mysterious thing, more so than I ever thought previously

And I am interested in psychology. But this actually scares me.

You see, I could NOT see my own family and several friends out at Faire, even when they were standing not far away with no one in between, until they were specifically brought to my attention. I can remember scanning the people around me at one point, seeing (I thought) no one I recognized, only to have someone in the court point and LO, there was my father and my son!!!!! Kind of distressing, but.... But it happened other times, too. :(

Now, I learn that Rob (the MIA) was actually at Faire. If it was the 4th weekend, well, no wonder I didn't see him. If it was the 5th weekend.....

So, he's either a) avoiding me (for reasons that are muddy to me, at best) or b) I unintentionally snubbed him without any conscious knowledge of the fact. And I WANTED to see him.

Neither option is very comfortable.

But, it seems, he did keep his promise.