November 22nd, 2004



I am tired of the cold. It's not even winter yet, and I am tired of the cold. Heck, it's barely managed to FREEZE of a morning and I am tired of the cold. It's going to be a long almostwinter-winter-stillwinter. (not even going to get into the fact that it seems that the seasons of roadconstruction and almostwinter are seriously intersecting) And it's supposed to snow for Thanksgiving. *resists the urge for really heavy sarcasm*

For all that, I don't want to move to, say, southern California. Been there, would love to visit, don't want to live there ever again. The Puget Sound area, on the other hand..... ocean all around, mountains all around (how many places on Earth can you claim to be surrounded by BOTH sea water and mountain ranges?) It may be cool and it may be so wet that mildew is a serious problem, (and the banana slugs get their name from their sheer SIZE, not just because they are yellow with brown spots) but it's almost never too hot, or too cold (snow isn't common, but rain is) and it's just drop dead beautiful. *sigh*

Morrowind has sucked me back in. Heck, Daggerfall would have sucked me back in many times, if I had an OS that supported it. Really want to see if I can giggle like the nymphs still or not. But I can't remember how they giggled.

Back to Morrowind - I just realized that while the starting town is really boring (seen it too often), I don't HAVE to do all the quests there. That's just my anal retentiveness kicking in. Hmmmm, if the Tribunal quest line is really borked for my current character, maybe I need to just run a new one somewhere I haven't started in before. Vivec has all SORTS of ways to get into trouble....

Who else thinks...

... that "Chapel of Love" is painfully optimistic?

Fun to sing, though.

Edit: but if I sing with "Coward of the County" I cry. Every. Single. Time.
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(no subject)

This isn't a strong point. Never has been. Can't promise they will be in-depth, but I am willing to try, and that's something (for me).

1. Reply to this post if you want/need me to tell you how cool you are! (Sorry, but if I don't actually know who you are, it doesn't really work, this is supposed to be genuine. But I will add that there are those I know only through LJ that I feel I have gotten to know well enough - you know who you are!)

2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why I think you (to borrow a phrase) rock my socks.

3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

I am going to reverse the usual request - if you want ME to ask to be 'done' let me know. I know many people on my friends list don't know me all that well.

Love for adammaker

You showed me things about myself I never knew and never expect. I have watched you through your current trials and can only admire your perseverance and drive. If I could do half so well under similar circumstances, I would consider myself doing well. The sheer breadth of your past experience takes my breath away (I have mentioned that's a turn on, yes? ;) No, not the breath-taking-away part! ;p) Just by being you, you have encouraged me to actually DO many things I had only ever thought about, before (some of the things in public, even) .

Thank you!

Love for malvito

Now, I don't know you very well, but I HAVE heard quite a bit about you (yes, all good!) Mostly about how you play Eeee-ville, but aren't, really. I don't think I have ever played an evil character, or any character evilly, which makes you rather facinating, from that aspect. So, when it turned out we had the same number in the Romancing the Stone game, I couldn't help but bounce up and down saying 'Eee-ville has my number!' That just tickled me pink. And you seemed so pleased to have MY number, and were so much fun on the walk to the front gate, and then back. You left me with a very pleasant first impression, oh yes you did!

Love for starstraf

Do you realize, Star, that you are the reason I have friends in this town? Either through you directly, or at one remove. While I had some through Oread, they are all moved away, now. I am not sure where I would be without you. You are willing to answer questions that make most people uncomforable in a forthright and direct manner, and I really appreciate that. I have learned so much from you, most of it things I wouldn't put in a public post. It's through you that I learned of poly at all, for instance.

Thank you for being there, Star, and being so welcoming and open and wonderfully you.

Love for Dr Paisley

(this is cheating, you know, since you don't have a LJ of your own....)

I met Dr. Paisley, he-of-the-spectacullarly-unmatching-patterns-and-wonderous-lack-of-color-coordination, through KaCSFFS about the time my marriage went poof. I was shy, disbelieving in my own attrativeness and very much deep in my shell. I didn't want to be any of those things, but didn't know how not to be. He taught me, by being pleased to see me, that I was attractive and, by example, how to flirt and that flirting is not only fun, but safe. He, along with dragonet2 and rohanna, welcomed me to KaCSFFS and its functions and gave my world a much broader (yes, and pleasant!) vista.

Thank you!