November 23rd, 2004


Love for jimmy_hollaman

When I think of you, Jimmy, I think of several things: your grin, the Joker (man, did that make an impression on me), your smoking jacket, costumes, visions and, of course, Gus.

The grin because you always seem to have one when I see you. Now, that may be because you tend to have 'had a vision' not long before. ;) Visions that are inevitably twisted (but amusing).

The Joker because, well, that skit was in one of my first Vaudville shows and you and Sherri did it so well I may always associate it with the both of you. I hope I do - it's a happy association.

The smoking jacket for obvious reasons (see 'grin') ;)

The costumes because you have come up with such excellent ones.

And Gus. Your invention of Gus is priceless. By the simple act of preserving a fungus (from a con) in a jar, you invented a unique set up for picture taking. As Gus is priceless, the pictures are more so (and heavy, yes) and that's a legacy to be proud of.

And then there is the fact that I can always come up to your booth at Ren Fest to tease you. :D

Thank you for being you, Jimmy!