December 28th, 2004



Xmas Marks the Spot was fun.

I saw a lovely falling star right in front of me as I was coming in to Lawrence.

Unfortunately, between the two of them was a highway patrolman.

Speeding through the toll booth KTag lane. yep. There's a 35 mph speed limit (not just a suggestion - a limit) He SAID he clocked me at 65, but wrote me up at 45 (I didn't take the crossbar with me, so I know I was less then 65 by THEN, not that it matters) So, that's a blessing.

I couldn't read the ticket in the dark and was sweating it until I got home. I was surprised - the fine is only $30. BUT, the court fee (which I won't even BE in court for....) is $60.

Oh yeah, THAT makes sense......