January 11th, 2005


I want to be at home.

I wish it was slicker, then I would have stayed home. But, no, the roads were clear, my car was pretty much clean. I am at work.

But if I were at home....

I could be there if the FedEx guy shows up with my corset bones and busks. After having a package stolen from my door, they don't leave them there much, anymore. Sometimes, they leave them with a neighbor, but she's often not home when I get home, so... and the other option tends to make me wait until the next day to go pick it up myself. sigh.

I could be sewing two corsets together to see if I really did match patterns at all. One I only tried to match the front and back closing, but the other I tried to match the pattern around the waist (I could chose bust, waist or hip, but not more then one, as the pieces curve too much). I really, REALLY want to see how well or badly I managed. But I only finished cutting all the bits out last night.

I don't even know if the darn things will fit, since I didn't do mock-ups. I know me. If I do a mock-up I will feel I am 'done' and have no real interest in making the final version. :p

I want to be HOME. Bah. 4 hours and 45 minutes before I can leave. 6 hours before I can be home.

Update to my previous post.

Now here's a twist.

I was driving home when my cell phone rings. It's UPS (I was wrong about FedEx) asking what my apartment number is. I have no idea how they know my cell phone number. I am not complaining, however, since it meant I could say 'hold that package, I will be right there to pick it up!" rather than them trying and failing to deliver it to my apartment tomorrow and me having to call them THEN to say 'hold it, I will pick it up tomorrow (Thursday)!".

Thing is... the package HAS my apartment number on it.......and how did they have my cell phone number?....Still not complaining, just a little mystified.