January 31st, 2005


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From http://www.eridine.com/blog/

"Sunday, January 30, 2005
"Ding, dong the witch is dead." The book is done. I think that says it all. My new goal in life is a hot bath, a lavender scented candle, a book that I didn't have to write, and some music that I haven't lived with for the last few months. "Drink up me' hearties, yo-ho!" Oh, yeah, a movie outside the house that isn't "G" rated.

posted by LKH at 10:51 AM"

So, I just gotta wait for editing, and publishing and shipping and then I get my next fix (At least when it comes to 'what's going on with Merry?".

What, you say it's all smut? *blink, blink* so?

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Happy Birthday to chernobylred.

Happy Birthday to louie_d_.

Probably missing someone.... probably family, but my calendar is in the car.