February 21st, 2005


It's Monday.

More than likely, I can tell this (although, Geoff didn't actually TELL me I can tell. He just said I could tell after Sunday....)

So, in a previous (Friends) post I said I was getting something I have wanted for just EVER. But I would say more after Sunday.

My middle brother Geoff asked Julianna (whom he met at ConQuest last year) to marry him and she agreed. She's pretty much made herself a part of the family, so it's not really surprising. :) And she fits well and I really like her and she's going to be my sister (in law)! I am getting a sister! I've never had a sister before. Five brothers, but no sisters. Finally! Geoff told me last week, but he wanted it kept secret from Mom and Dad until he could tell them himself, but Julianna wanted to be there, so they had to wait until this weekend. Just as well I didn't go down this weekend - I doubt I could have kept the secret!
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