March 7th, 2005


Most memorable event of this weekend.

Some background: My maternal grandmother still lives in the farmhouse my mother grew up in. My grandfather farmed the land until the last year of his life (at 86 he was forced to admit he simply couldn't see well enough - but he had to knock down a telephone pole in the middle of one of the fields several years in a row first. We are all pretty sure it was the lack of work that killed him.) Anyway, the fields rented to one local farmer and the pastures to another who happens to have the adjoining pastures. There are usually cattle in those pastures, but the ice storm caused enough damage to the fences that there weren't any cattle there this weekend. However, Alan's horse happily uses a new gap to get from Alan's pasture to Grandma's. Also, my Uncle Mike comes over when the weather permits to do a little more ice-storm-broken-limbs clean up.

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