March 24th, 2005



We have a new product in that people insist smells like acetic acid. No, people, that's ether (or ethyl acetate - I encountered them for the first time together and get the smells confused) and now, after making up a solution with that stuff, I have a headache. This stuff is not going to be fun to work with, I see. Normally, I would say "in the hood you go!" but this stuff needs a dry box. Ugh.

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It's very unsettling, realizing your parents are getting older. Dad is set for a heart cath. next Wednesday. The Dr. told him yesterday he probably should get one but 'nothing urgent'. "So, how about April 6, so it's after the new Bishop's investiture?" (Dad was the one chosen from my parent's parish to sing in the choir - one person from each parish.) The reply: "You should have it done sooner than that."

As Dad commented: 'So, "not urgent" means "not this afternoon"?!'

The dangers of novel and nearly-novel compounds was brought home to me today.

Thankfully, it seems to be a relatively gentle reminder. I still have the headache - it's blunted by Motrin, but still there. There's talk of sending me to a clinic if I have any other symptoms or the headache doesn't go away by tomorrow. Me, I am hoping the headache is all of it and even it is gone soon. That would be lovely. But we still have a problem. The drybox won't fit in the hood and the compound really needs the drybox. (there is a very small positive pressure to the dry box - dry air going in - that means the person using the drybox gets solvent vapors and dusts pretty much in the face) Looks like half-mask respirators are going to have to our mandatory fashion accessory with this product.