March 29th, 2005


Seems Dad's heart cath was today, not tomorrow. But it went well anyway.

This is Mom's letter to all of us. Gra'ma G is Dad's mom, Patrick is my youngest brother and Bill is Dad's youngest brother (an anesthesiologist).

Hi All;
Gra'ma G was to email you all; but if it didn't go as she planned, I'll send this. Your Dad was going to, but I think he got tied up with a campus problem already....
We went in at 6:30, I went back home to take Patrick to class, and David was already checked in when I got back. He went into the cath lab, Dr Reddy stopped by the waiting room to say they were going to start and 15 min later he was out to say that David had a blockage of a small vessel low in the heart and didn't need a stent. Instead of a day in ICU, he got 5 hours "rest" in Same Day Care, we went out to lunch with Bill (who "just happened" to not have cases today), and now we are home. Your Dad is not to jog for 3 days (not a problem), lift more than 10 # or drive for 24 hours, but otherwise no restrictions. He's decided he won't go to choir practice in Wichita tonight, but I think that's because he can't trust me to stay awake to drive! If you have any questions, your Dad now has his cell phone back ( I had it this morning) and is at his computer. Love ya ----- Moma