April 29th, 2005


Looks like it's my turn for physical therapy.

Back isn't better after two weeks of regular doses of Motrin with icing it down (and a week of seeing a chiropractor), so the doc is having me go to physical therapy. I've never done physical therapy; but I am (almost) always up for new experiences.

Trisexual - will try anything... at least once.
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Well, that bites. But it's not too surprising, either.

TherapyWorks doesn't have open appointments at times that don't seriously interfer with my work schedule. Do any of you know of any Physical Therapists in the Grandview Triangle area? Or somewhere decently close so I can come and go from work?

Edit: Looks like Neu PT in Lawrence can accomodate me.

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Thanks to THIS post, I wanted a Dr. Pepper. The machines here have Mr. Pibb, so I was going to have to settle. As I was standing in front of the machine getting my change out, a coworker came round the corner and asked 'You want a Dr. Pepper?" Cripes! Paul's psychic!!! But, no, he just had a Dr. Pepper in his little fridge that he didn't really want and was trying to off-load. Wow. So, I am getting my itch scratched, most unexpectedly. life is good.
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