May 10th, 2005


Oh, hey, why I am so close to crying, anyway?

There was an announcement that Laurell K Hamilton's grandmother (Laura Gentry - that will be significant to those who have read LKH's books) died this past Wednesday, which is sad, but it's her birthdate, 1911, that really got me thinking, because my Grandpa O'Halloran was also born in 1911, but he died 7 and half years ago. He got to hold his first great grandson (pretty good for a man who didn't marry until his late thirties) and we have a picture of all four generations, but Thomas was only 4 months old when Grandpa died the day after Thanksgiving, 1997.

This, coming a few years after Grandpa Gitchell died on November 20, 1991, just 16 days after my 20th birthday. And yet, I still love autumn and November.

All this from the announcment of the death of a woman I never even met.
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