June 2nd, 2005


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I think, I hope, Thomas learned a lesson this morning. When opening and closing the car door for a lady (I think his father or step-mom is responsible for teaching him this, as it certainly wasn't me) one really should make sure she's all the way in before closing the door. Luckily my calf muscles took the blow, not my shin (or my fingers, which weren't anywhere near the door) so no harm done. He learned very early on he has to be darned quick to get to a door before me, though. ;p
Lab coat

What an extraordinarily small world.

I just got an email from nkcmike explaining who he was and thus why he added me. Oh, yesyesyes, I remember you and your wife AND the (very good natured) pony you two claim was really a dog (great dane - which explains why he was so much thinner than your typical pony).

I added him back, but took a look at his friends list. mike_l looked familiar from malinear's journal just recently, so I clicked on the name. Sure enough malinear, thedarkbear and prncssvictoria were all in bold in his friends list (meaning we both have them on our friends lists). So I clicked on all nkcmike's friends.

hypatia42 proved the most surprising. Not only malinear and thedarkbear but fairgoldberry and radcliffe. Turns out that hypatia42 is nkcmike's daughter and mike_l is her husband.

I am simply DYING to know how seemingly different circles have met.
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