June 5th, 2005


It's really sad when...

... you have to start up a music program to get rid of a song in your head. In this case, the theme song to Digimon. The TV hasn't even been on for days. Heaven help me.

Edit: AND it's not working. Still singing "Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions" *sob*

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Okay, I finally decided which painful method I was going to use. In the end I cut the pattern pieces out and drew around them with chalk. Ick. But the fabric didn't shift as much as I feared. It DID end up bigger than I intended, unfortunately. Chalk paper and a PDA stylus was used to transfer the interior markings (not shown).

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As I couldn't figure out how 'center front" and 'center back' could be true by their instructions I have seamed the front and back rather than flatlining them for later binding. The top and bottom edges will be flatlined and bound... somehow. Haven't made up my mind about that yet. As some of the bones really need some steep angles on them, I am going to see if I can find plastic ties or something of that sort for the boning. My first plastic boned corset. Ha. The fit will be interesting to see, when I finally get it to that point. If there is a big enough gap I plan to put my wooden busk in a stomacher kind of arrangement and lace it into the center front. On the other hand, this is a toile, unless it fits really well (the fabric was free, after all) so that's all up in the air.

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Oh yeah, and my dear, darling son seems to have played with and lost my fabric weights...