June 22nd, 2005


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The pieces for the dress for Geoff and Julianna's wedding are now cut out. But I had a dilemma. The plaid is printed on and the fabric was bowed when printed, meaning that the lines bow when the fabric lays true. So, I had to chose to either cut the pieces with the printed lines straightened (causing the garment to hang oddly when done) or cut the fabric on the true grain (causing the lines to bow funny around the garment). I chose the true grain option. This dress may never see the light of day. Teach me to start a dress so close to the event it's for, eh?
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Drama is so seductive. And sneaky. I have spent most of this morning resisting the urge to make a post decrying it (and not incidently pointing it out), because I know such a post could only be described as a drama post of my own. Why is it so alluring? And so easy to fall into? Is it just a cry for attention? Some innate theatricality in (at least) some of us?
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Smoked salmon citrus salad is GOOD. Never would have put smoked salmon with grapefruit and orange, but dang that's good. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since putting lemon juice on fish is so common, but there you go, I was.
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