June 26th, 2005


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The wedding went quite well (it was a little late, but I believe that's bride's privaledge. Now, I have a sister!. My dress fit well, but I left my camera in my duffle bag rather than bringing it to the wedding (but, hey, that's closer than it's gotten to any event I've been to since I bought it). so I will have to wait for other's to send me pictures.

Sour note, the room we stayed in had a wall unit that smelled of human urine if we turned it warmer than "too damn cold". The housekeeping staff said they all smelled like that, it was a cleaning agent but a) noone would stay more than once at that hotel if it were true and b) not one of the many family and friends staying at the same hotel (at least 10 other rooms) complained of the same thing. Not one. So, I don't believe it. I do plan to call the general manager tomorrow and complain. The manager on duty could only offer me a $10 discount, which wouldn't even have covered the air fresheners we bought to combat the smell (they were full up, so a move just wasn't going to happen).

Happier note: My brother's informed me that Warriors of the Wind a movie I saw in Australia at the dollar theater (ye gods and little fishes that was nearly 20 years ago!) and fell in love with, even if, ignorant as I was, I knew large pieces were missing, had just come back out on DVD, apparently redubbed and hopefully restored. It's comes with the Japanese version with subtitles, too. *bouncy, bouncy* Borders even had it, although it's actually called Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which made it hard for me to find. But I got help and now I own it. *bouncy, bouncy*

Now, to decide to watch the dubbed version or the subtitled one first......