June 30th, 2005


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The following is a rant. It is only a rant. And to those I know read my journal: you have nothing to fear from it, as it's not directed at any of you.


There are only so many black corsets I am willing to make much of, because I have now seen so many. And they have to be all of the following:

clear in the picture - none of this 'too dark to make out shape much less details' or 'from an angle that obscures more of the corset than it shows'

well shaped - yes, for me that means a hip-to-waist difference of at least 10 inches, preferably more. I'm not thin and my natural difference is 10, I don't think I am asking all that much, am I? and when it looks baggy above and below the waist, something is wrong.

well sewn - a minimum of puckers, of uneven seams, or horizontal wrinkles. (notice I said 'minimum')

I think I am done ranting for a bit.

Edit: Okay, so this is more of a public service announcement than a rant.....