July 20th, 2005


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About 3 quarters of the way through Harry Potter.

Realized this morning that I don't say 'morning' I say 'marnin'. No idea where I picked that up from.

Interesting anecdote about Thomas. Yesterday Dana (Thomas' step-mom) was telling me about Thomas' yearly physical. The nurse put him on the scale and he was 48 pounds! 6 more than the last check-up. My first (and completely serious) thought was "did you check his pockets for rocks?"

Indeed, the doctor found the rocks, had him remove them (chunks of concrete, actually - something I have seen him take from his pockets in the past) and be reweighed. 4 POUNDS of concrete in his (many) pockets. sigh. It's now been four years since he gained any real weight.

You know, I always thought the little-boy-with-pockets-full-of-odd-things was some stereotype with little basis in fact. I don't recall any of my brothers stuffing their pockets (although I DO remember my mother meticulously checking pockets before doing the laundry) but I guess I have produced living proof of it's truth.