July 24th, 2005


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Amazing, I agree with this. Well, other than the fact that I have never pulled a prank in my life, nor do I particularly like practical jokes. Like, at all.
But then, it seems it's written by a 30-something woman, name of Jason_Bateman not withstanding (but people DO lie like flies on bios).
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The peculiar connections of the internet.

I was looking over the Jolly Roger's website and clicked on the link for Green Fields of France (Willie McBride) and found that it was originally entitled No Man's Land and it was written by Eric Bogle. Interesting, although I understand why the orginal title is mostly forgotten, but not much to really catch my attention for long. Then -

I saw that Eric Bogle also wrote And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.


That And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda? The one I learned with the rest of my year-mates in Australia to sing during Anzac Day festivities one year? Why, yes, that very song (although we learned only the first and last verses and either the tune was modified for untrained kid's voices or my memory has modified it to suit myself). Well. Wellwellwell.

A little more link following and searching and I decided to buy it from RealPlayer (since I have an account already). Ah, the nostalgia.

I'd copy and paste the lyrics, if I could find them. My memory of the lyrics and the one's I am currently listening to are slightly different (and then there are the verses I never learned).

On the other hand, if any one could help me find the writer of the other song we learned, I would be grateful.

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