July 26th, 2005


Morning meanderings.

Forgot to mention yesterday - I was shocked to see that gas on the Turnpike was cheaper than gas in Lawrence this weekend. It was (as I recall) $2.17 on the Turnpike and still a solid $2.23 in Lawrence. Yesterday evening I noticed that the gas at the BP at 9th and Iowa was down to $2.20 and this morning I noticed two stations on 9th street at $2.17. Wichita had $2.13 around McConnell AFB and $2.09 in Derby. Guess where I got gas? (and it was a Quik Shop, so my Dillon's card brought the price down another $0.02). I swear, Lawrence is the ONLY place that always has $0.10 between grades, too. Most other places it tends to be less and varies.

Heh. The things we forget sometimes. I was wondering why my back ached this morning while I was sitting in the car. I thought to myself "surely this isn't yesterday morning's problem reoccurting?" No, no it isn't. My TV had been dying a slow death and I replaced it last night. Both the old TV and the new one are HEAVY and I was too stubborn to ask for help. :p No wonder my back aches!

And why did I get fed up with the no-picture-ness of the TV last night? Because I meant to do some hand sewing and I like to have the TV on (usually to TLC or Discover, but last night was Public Television for Antique Roadshow and History Detectives) when I do that. After getting a new TV, I realized I am out of white thread. *blink, blink* How on earth did I manage that? But I had some white quilting weight thread and used that. I had had enough errands for the day (having previously gotten Thomas' birthday gift and buying more notions than I intended at Hancocks - really, I just wanted to find a new marker/chalk to try. Someday, I will find the magical blend of soft enough not to pull the fabric, but hard enough not to make a mess. Sure I will) and didn't want to run out AGAIN. Perhaps I will remember to stop by Hobby Lobby on the way home this evening.
Head desk

So, there I was..

Trying not to overwhelm someone for a simple get-together and what do I do? Fail to remember to use the filter I had so carefully made up. :p Oh, yeah, 'detail oriented'. Sure.
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