August 5th, 2005

Women LOVE SW by Anne_jumps

This sort of stuff just amuses me.

makes me laugh, even, if rather ruefully.

Today I have been moving slow. I don't hurt, but I haven't been all that interested in hustling (unlike yesterday). The fact that I haven't been hurting has been puzzling me, since I gave myself quite a wrench on the stairs.

I just went down stairs to get lunch. As I was carrying it back and approached the door to the stairs that I fell on yesterday, my back and neck muscles suddenly decided to tell me I had misused them dreadfully. Now, they are just fine. Funny.
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Oh, hey! This doesn't suck!

My car got a recall notice (it's a Honda Civic Hybrid from the second year they made them... or maybe the first it's not dreadfully surprising) that said something about reprograming the computer because it was running the car 'too lean' and would likely burn out the catalytic converter. Well, shit, I thought, does that mean my gas milage will get WORSE?

The last two gas ups I have done since say, no. But those could be coincidence. I certainly had a tail wind for this this most recent trip to Hutch. But, on top of that, the MPG meter in the car has always run about 4-6 miles higher than my calculations (from milage and gas added). These last two gas-ups it was only 1-1.8 MPG high. This really doesn't suck.