August 8th, 2005

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I'm none too fond of Daylight Saving Time to begin with. As far as I am concerned, it was a joke by ol' Ben Franklin that too many people took WAY too seriously.

But now, it seems, there are people that think it's SUCH a good idea, it needs to be extended. Like, start three weeks earlier and end one week later. As of next year. (Edit: May be 2007, not 2006 /Edit)
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I mean, telling the time by the sun is sooooo passe.
Snooch scream by flemco

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Someone on my friends list is cancelling his LJ account. I understand about the 'too much time' thing, but damn, I'm gonna miss his posts.
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I don't even do this for guys. Even the cutes ones.

I am waiting by the phone. Have been since about 12. Waiting for someone (who is currently not at his desk, I might add) to tell me the blister packaging is a go and I am needed to, get this, record packaging conditions in a notebook.

Oh, look. Complain about it in my journal and I finally get the call. :p