August 16th, 2005


More musing on Neverwinter Nights.

Mostly, because I saw somthing that worries me.

Some background: Three character, as you are first introduced to them are

Aribeth, Paladin of Tyr and right hand of the Lord of Neverwinter, beloved of Fenthick. The one you get your orders from.
Fenthick Moss, Cleric of either Tyr or Helm, can't remember, beloved of Aribeth, friend of Desther
Desther, Cleric of Helm, but his explaination of Helm's symbol leaves a bit to be desired. And he's just not got an agreeable personality. Often clashes with Aribeth, while Fenthick tries to play peacemaker.

Okay, Desther ends up being a traitor - working for somthing that calls itself the 'Cult of the Eye', gets burned at the stake. Fenthick is considered an accomplice and is hung. I'm pretty sure he was a dupe. A fool, surely. Stubbornly loyal, oh yes, but not a traitor to all he held dear. Aribeth is devestated and wants revenge on those that set him up.

Now, there is an eye symbol we see when we load up the game. There is an intercepted Cult letter with "a strangely familiar eye symbol on it".

In the cut scene where we see the fate of Desther and Fenthick, we also see Aribeth - and her sword, which has an eye symbol on the hilt. A strangely familiar eye symbol. So much so I scrutinized my box and manual trying to find it. :O Helm DOES have an eye in the palm of a hand as his symbol, but I don't think Tyr does.... This just doesn't bode well. No, it doesn't.
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