August 22nd, 2005


I know I shed a lot, but come on!

Three different drain cleaners were required to clear my tub drain. Three. Two foamers and and gel. It wasn't stopped up, just very slow (and even slower after the first cleaner).

(By the way, this 'shocked' mood icon so isn't looking shocked.)
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Hear ye! Hear ye!

This is to those who are local, but not already in KCRF.

I bought a Royal pass for this year, which I knew entitled me to an invitation to the Media/VIP party this Friday (5 to 9 pm). What I did not know was that my invite includes 4 other friends. :O Two of those four invites are spoken for, but that leaves two going begging. Do I have any takers? (first come, first served, as the saying goes)