September 12th, 2005


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I'm wrestling with inner demons of doubt today, which leaves me occasionally saying 'oh, fuck me' which brings to mind this comic. Which makes me chuckle. Did I mention rollercoasters? But it's infinitely better then 'well, this looks like the bottom. Oh, shit, it's not! AAAAhhhhhhh!'

Now, that's almost surreal.

My father and second youngest brother just stopped by. For a potty break. Seems the piece of paper that Kenn needs to get his student Visa for Japan, the one that was supposedly sent out 2 months ago (that my mother is sure K-State thinks she lost) just turned up on the desk of the person that was supposed to have sent it. Um...

Seems he called Kenn and said he'd FedEx it and Kenn said "NO! For the love of God, no! I'll come get it, thanks". Actually, Pat (who is at school there currently) got it, but Kenn and Dad picked it up from there and are now headed to CHICAGO, overnight, to the Japanese Consulate so they can turn the paper in at 9 am sharp tomorrow in hopes of getting the paperwork done by the afternoon.

Kenn is scheduled to fly out on the 18th. There was some silly talk of him going on a tourist visa, but that would have required him to LEAVE JAPAN just to get it changed to a student visa. Ugh. Mom and Dad were less then thrilled with this plan. I dearly hope no other roadblocks suddenly turn up - it's much too late for Kenn to make other plans for this semester.

Edit: they made it into Chicago (and a motel) at about 4:30 this morning.