September 18th, 2005


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My friends list is so very, very quiet on Fest weekends. Imagine that.

Yesterday, I was a lady. But I played Balls with Madam Red's girls. Twas most fun. The phone call when it was MY TURN was... well... at least people laughed. :p I also got to hear fantomas71 sing "The Royal Oak" at the Jolly Rogers All Request Show because I'm a lucky rhymes-with-witch. Neener, neener!

Today I wore my new bodice and went as a wench. I got the brunch I paid for with my Season Pass (can't really call it free, now can I?) and then shadowed the Madam and her girls around. I mentioned lucky rhymes-with-witch, right?

So, I have gone as a foil to my son in costume, gone as a lady, gone as a wench. Next up, plain clothes. :O But it's so interesting seeing the difference in the reactions I get.

But now, the bodice is off, the boots I forgot pinch my toes are off (and those toes are going to make me pay), those skirts with the just-too tight waistbands are off, the clammy chemise is off and I think it's shower time. Oh, yes, shower time. (what do you mean "so what does that leave you wearing?")

Edit: Ooo, bodice burn! But it's mild. SPF 60+ comes through!

EDIT2: I finally remembered the OTHER Really Nifty (tm) thing from Saturday!
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