September 19th, 2005

Happy Kiki

Hey, it works.

At Media Party someone (I am currently confused as to exactly which 'someone' it was) mentioned needing to take some Claritin for the bug bites he had gotten. A little light went on in my head - I suddenly realized I couldn't remember getting any really itchy bites for quite some time. Like, as long as I had been on allergy meds. :O Could it be true?!

Well, today I have proof. There are three mosquito bites on my ankles and they are only mildly annoying, rather than near madness-inducing. If this is the way most people react to mosquito bites, it's no wonder they haven't been ruthlessly wiped out yet. Pre-Claritin this many bites would have me feeling vaguely ill, in addition to itchy-to-the-point-of-utter-distraction. Any more than this and there wouldn't be anything 'vague' about the 'ill'.

Gosh golly gee willikers, more proof this stuff really does work!
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Contentedness is...

dangling earrings that chime sweetly at the slightest movement of the head that have somehow managed to not get tangled in my hair even once today.

A broad, brilliant rainbow in my rearview mirror (okay, I had to go through near white-out conditions to see it, but my windshield is clean of bugs now...)

In other (and more than week old) news, I may be in trouble. I have had Jolly Roger CDs for something like four or five years now and they immediately became my traveling CDs of choice. This means my son has heard all the songs many, many times. However, it seems he has finally started LISTENING. And I find the questions about what 'my repentance lasted not' and 'excise man' mean to be as disturbing as the questions about what 'Cuckoo's Nest' is about, or if 'The Clean Song' is really clean, or the request (by singing some of the chorus) for 'The Cabin Boy'. meep.