September 26th, 2005


There is just something wrong with my thermastat.

The internal one, that is. I am sitting here with goosebumps when the thermometer I bought for just such occasions says 72.5. There have been other times when I look up, feeling just comfy to see 71.0. Go figure.

Fest was hot... well, very warm but VERY humid. The air was too thick to breath and too thin to swim. Hardly any wind (but then, the Fest is in a valley) just made matters worse. I was in civvies on Saturday, but my new bodice on Sunday (startstraf had a picture here. Um.. that IS quite a bit of cleavage.... :O ). Neither was particularly comfortable, but that Sunday pic is from right after attending the Feaste of Fooles.... and ending up in the sun. Too full for the corset (I had let the waist out a bit) and too hot. Gah.

You know, I had a whole list of on dits about this weekend, but most seem to have flown.

I did manage to make all the stage shows I wanted to see at least once. Even Prometheus Io, on jimmy_holloman's recomendation. It was odd, they aren't very interactive with their audience and I didn't even realize they had started until halfway through their first song. The music was pleasurable, though.

I have a worse bodice burn from Sunday, than I got the previous weekend from both Saturday and Sunday (verminiusrex had pictures of me in my green dress on Saturday here on the phone. What's the point of talking with one's hands on the phone, anyway?) My shoulders burned this time, too.

After being tempted at three differnt Faires, I finally bought a headdress. I was ambivalent until she put the clip in that let me bind my hair in it. It was SO much cooler with my hair off my neck, I didn't want to take it off. I may just have a permanent dented line in my forehead, but it really is pretty. :)

Saw radcliffe on Saturday in her new gown. So pretty, and very recognizable from a distance.

Took two handsome men home with me on Satuday... unfortunately, I dropped both off at their own homes. :p Took one of them home with me on Sunday, too. And left him at his own house.

What do you mean, 'When?"?

All sorts of other interesting things happened, but I gotta run off now.

I completely forgot to mention!

I won a $50 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse at the Employee Appreciation picnic I couldn't attend due to work constraints. Rather nice that we didn't have to be present to win.

Edit: I can't spell. Or maybe I just can't type....

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And I prove yet again I was never meant to play mages. :p I can't even keep one alive for 5 minutes in this Neverwinter Nights module, for levels 5-15 and she's a level 15 (no equipment, though). Sheesh