October 17th, 2005


Just so I remember

The temperature in here had gotten to 81.5 degrees F before anyone got up here to fix it.

9:30 Edit: AC won't stay in the 'on' condition but the temperature has dropped to 79.0 F which is lower than when I got here.
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There is a distinct disadvantage to going to Fest for only a few hours and some specific shows - I can't manage to see much of anyone unless I accidentally bump into them... which doesn't happen when said people are stuck in shops. :p Or peregrinating somewhere beyond the teeny-tiny orbit I make. Sorry to those I didn't see this weekend, I was thinking of you.

Yesterday was productive. P. and D. came over and the four of us (that includes Thomas) cleaned up Thomas' room so we could put my old dresser in. Seems D. actually LIKES housecleaning and has offered to come help me with the rest of the apartment. I will likely take her up on that.... Then Thomas went back with P. and D. and I was free to go to the final day of Ren Fest.
Bite me

This has not been an auspicious beginning to the week

First, the good news - my computer works just fine after the actual change-over of IT to Aptuit. I am, however, one of the few.

Now, the bad. I have not yet seen my live paycheck for the 15th. In this, I am one of the many. I am sure they had their reasons for mailing the damn things to our homes from NC, but ... yeah.
They have promised to cover any overdraft fees we incure, assuming we can fill out the paperwork properly. It's the least they can do, if you ask me.

I spent ALL DAY on a batch that only took us maybe an hour and a half to make. But we had trouble getting the API from the warehouse because their numbers didn't add up to the actual weight of the bottle. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK, we've been trying to tell you all along the number just ain't going to add up. That was about an hour or more, that came on top of my partner-in-crime manufacturing getting waylaid into helping get the AC working again (jack-of-all-trades, that one). So, we get the batch made by 11. At which point EVERYBODY we needed to off-load it is at lunch. Or out sick, as it turns out. It was THREE before we were free of that damn stuff. Two people have to stay with it at all times until it's officially handed off to either two other authorized people or someone that can put it in a safe/vault. And I get to do this three more times this week. And tomorrow without P. AND, on Wednesday, I start ANOTHER batch (of non-controlled stuff, thank goodness) that will take three days to complete.

I am HOPING that all the bad things have run their course and this isn't just a warning of things to come.

Edit: oh, and my throat is all scratchy, but I am blaming that on cheering in dusty air at Fest.