October 24th, 2005


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I don't believe I ever before noticed how often I cross my legs. But, boy howdy, am I noticing right now. And yet, I want to go do it again. Between Thomas and Contra, I won't be free on a weekend until mid November, however, so I guess I will have plenty of time to heal.

Well, I am off to go walk funny.
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Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

Bit-o-junkmail I got today. In big print it says:

You've Got The Green Light To Upgrade Your Present Vehicle To A Brand New Suzuki - For Less Than Your Current Monthly Payment!

First off, I don't consider a Suzuki (SUV! as it turns out) an upgrade from my Civic Hybrid and second, I just don't see them paying me each month, since my monthly payments are currently $0.

But it was good for a cynical laugh.