November 1st, 2005

Bite me

I'm nearly incoherent over this one!

I am aware that the friendly relationship between myself, my ex and his new wife is unusual. (I am even (justifiably?) proud of it. My ex and I agreed, even before starting divorce proceedings, that Thomas did NOT deserve to suffer for our choices. We agreed to do our damnedest to manage 'civil' if we couldn't actually manage 'friendly'. P even had specific requests which I feared were the result of experiences of his own, growing up as the child of divorced parents. Simple things, like 'don't denigrate the other parent to the child'. I like to think we both manage quite well.) With that said, and keeping in mind I may be on a high horse, the following just steams me.

A friend's brother recently divorced and is now living with my friend and her fiance. The brother's daughter comes to visit on whatever schedule the courts decreed. She had a sore throat one time, and not long after she left, both my friend and her brother were diagnosed with strep throat. The brother asked his ex-wife to take their daughter to the doctor to get her checked. The ex-wife REFUSED. Why is not clear, but the assumption is, she just didn't want to do anything her ex (the RN) suggested.

It wasn't until weeks later, when the child couldn't even get out of bed, that the stupid woman finally took her to the doctor. Result? Not just a strep infection, but the worst the doctor had seen.

(You would not believe the effort of will it has taken to write this without a single swear word. That woman... GAH!)
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