November 6th, 2005

Women LOVE SW by Anne_jumps

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Contra was fun. I am very tired (hey, 6 hours sleep for the whole weekend will do that!)

I must say that corset-cleavage-as-cup-holder has WAY too many flirtatious possibilities.

I do hope someone has a good pic of the black and white outfit, I want to show the other Kerri what it ends up looking like.

Let's see. Some vignettes:

Ever so soft fur sliding on my skin.

Petting same fur as it rests on jimmy_hollaman's thigh

Finding out just what electric play is like first hand.

A photoshoot while slightly tipsy.

Being bounced on a bed by seantaclaus, then helping with the bouncing of two other women

Being bounced on seantaclaus's knee (I detect a pattern here...)

Several birthday spankings. But I was asking for it, after all. I would say my birthday is the only time I would do so.

Staying up until 5 am in hopes of sleeping past 6:30... failed, really, since I woke at 6, but at least I managed to go back to sleep... until about 8:40 anyway.

Having more than one 'I wonder what that would be like" questions answered all at once.

Laughing until I hurt during Vaudeville.. only to start up again for another skit. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not recognizing Dr. Paisley as the ghost of Carol Channing because he'd completely shaved his face for the first time in, I hear tell, 30 years.

Drinking enough to be dizzy, but stopping in time to not be hung over.

Having a brother who not only attends, but takes in stride the things I wear, and things I do.