December 1st, 2005


I was hypnotized by a flag this morning.

The big one in the Checkers parking lot. The wind was just strong enough at times to lift the flag completely, but mostly it waved and I couldn't stop watching it. Not sure how long that lasted, but it sure kept me busy until the van arrived.

Maybe I'm just sleepy.

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Edit: this is going bye-bye as I plan to see it tonight (Friday) at the Liberty instead.

I plan to see Pride and Prejudice on Saturday at 4:45 at the AMC Studio 30 - Olathe (12075 S. Strang Line Road, Olathe, KS, 816-363-4262) if anyone would like to join me. (the Olathe theater being just one minutes closer than the Shawnee one which happens to have a showing at 4:10 p.m. :p)

Directions for my own convenience.
5. Continue to follow KS-10 - go 23.7 mi
6. Take the RENNER BLVD exit - go 0.4 mi
7. Turn on RENNER BLVD - go 1.6 mi
8. RENNER BLVD becomes S RENNER RD - go 0.2 mi
9. Turn on W 119TH ST - go 0.7 mi
10. Turn on S STRANG LINE RD - go 0.3 mi
11. Arrive at 12075 S STRANG LINE RD, OLATHE, on the