December 2nd, 2005


Things that make you say "That's funny..."

I have a small humidifier in my room because my health is generally better if I do. No more dry cough keeping me awake through the winter, no more monthly sinus infections.

Anyway, I was surprised by the lack of water use last night. It seemed to be about an inch or two, rather than the more-than-half of the previous night and the nearly-all of the night before that. So I thought the weather was warmer, thus the heater hadn't been on much.

Um. No. 23 whole degrees by the bank thermometer this morning.

Perhaps I just waited too long to start the humidifier so the apartment dried out and now my apartment is finally equilibrated to the 45% I have the humidifier set at?

(no subject)

Saw the movie version of Pride and Prejudice tonight. While radcliffe is correct in that the story could be done by muppets and it would still be good, I don't think this version is going to replace the BBC version in my heart. Of course, the book is best, but as movies go.... ;)

I am SO much better at pointing out what I don't like than what I do, so bear with me. If I don't mention something, it's likely because I found it just fine. :D

The music was too loud - it drowned out the dialog at times. And since the dialog IS the story, that's unfortunate.

Many times, even without the music, it was difficult to understand what was said. I have gotten used to that in TV shows, but it's very distressing to find it in movies, now, too.

Let's not get me started on the costumes, k? Although I did find it amusing to see the older women in older styles since that WAS realistic. Keira's posture sucks, however. And the clothing they put her in was NOT flattering to her (not so lush) shape. Unfortunate, again.

The acting was great, however. Only once or twice did secondary characters make me go "um....".

But, but, but they left out the opening line! The oh-so-snarky one about it being common knowledge that a man of good fortune MUST be in want of a wife. I mean, that set the tone for the whole book and they left it out! Nothing else I considered 'necessary' was left out, however, so I suppose I forgive them. But, still..