December 21st, 2005


Home today

and managed to wake Thomas in time for his medicine. How did this morning person spawn such a night owl?

Lyric Game Day 3 (where I add hints)

The artists (or musicals) are: The Beatles, Erasure, Sarah McLaughlin, Alanis Morrisette, My Fair Lady, and a song from the album for Mercedes Lackey's Oathbound But this means you really need to have both the title and the artist (or what ever)..

3. I will be the answer at the end of the line. I will be there for you.

8. We go waiting for the stars to come showering down

15. What in all of heaven could have prompted her to go after such a trimumph as the ball
A Hymn to Him from My Fair Lady (themadblonde)

17. Listen as I tell you of my innocence and trust. Of my pity for a stranger welcomed as I thought I must.

18. You like snow, but only if it’s warm. You like rain, but only if it's dry

23. Anna. You come and ask me, girl, to set you free, girl.
Anna (Go To Him) by the Beatles (Dr. Paisley)