December 22nd, 2005


Corsets and dreams and music, oh my!

I forgot all my dresser stuff this morning, so no cellphone, no watch, no cash, no hanky. *sigh*

While I did finish and fit that corset mock-up yesterday, I am left with the sad feeling I will never manage to get a good shape out of it. It's the Laughing Moon Silverado and the top is just too cylindrical. Now, that means that the panels are rather rectangular, which is what attracts me, since pattern matching can be extraordinary, but my ribs taper, so it just doesn't look good on me, no matter what size. And the gores for the bust just look funny when they are that big. AND my breasts still leak out of the sides (I suspect moving the outside gores a bit further out might help, but...). Oh well, it was a pretty thought while it lasted.

I had a most interesting dream this morning, for all it was cut short. I started out in a basic fantasy castle (thus allowing for pages running around). You must keep in mind that many of my dreams are very story-like in that I am an observer, or one of the characters acting as observer. I vividly remember walking a windowed hall with the shadows of children moving up and down, but no children. I found I understood that someone was wiping childrens' minds and that separated their shadows from them. I also understood that I only knew this because I was 'reading' a story and had some advanced notice.

Scene change: Watching a child (separated from the herd, so to speak) having a very odd converstation with a very odd, mysterious someone.

Scene change: That child is missed and it's my job to go find him.

At this point things start changing, since I am in a car, parking in the driveway of a very modern house, but there's a blacksmith set up in the front yard. It's about this time the alarm went off.

It's got some potential for a story IF a) I had any talent for writing and b) had the slightest idea how it actually ends.... That hall scene was just plain eerie - children's elongated shadows just drifting up and down the hall....

And the answers to the remaining Lyric Game songs:

3. I will be the answer at the end of the line. I will be there for you.
Answer by Sarah McLaughlin

8. We go waiting for the stars to come showering down
Stars by Erasure

17. Listen as I tell you of my innocence and trust. Of my pity for a stranger welcomed as I thought I must.
Hindsight from the Oathbound CD (Mercedes Lackey)

18. You like snow, but only if it’s warm. You like rain, but only if it's dry
Wake Up by Alanis Morrisette

So, maybe getting 'breaking new' emails isn't such a good idea.

Since now I am worried this involved people I know.

* Local Breaking News from -- Dec. 22, 2005 *


A Lawrence man was killed and three other people were injured, including
one critically, in a three-vehicle accident this morning at Sixth and
Kentucky streets.

Read the story:

Edit: Looking at the timing, we were just pulling out of the Checkers parking lot at about 6:45 when the most amazing number of police cars went flying by with lights and sirens. But they were heading west on 23rd....

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Darn it all. I though LJ had all the email notification problems figured out, but I am only getting about half (That I know of...) the notifications I should be.

I have a new pet peeve.

It doesn't replace any of my old ones, mind. Just adds to the list.

People that ramble on and on and on in voice mail, when they have given you all the info in the first 10 seconds, but you have to listen to the whole damn thing just in case they actually do have something to add.