December 31st, 2005


What to do today?

I could, if I were insane enough, run out and buy fabric and try to put a costume together for the party tonight.

Or, I could hold on to my sanity by my fingernails and use what I already have.

But, if I don't make a costume, what on earth will I do with myself today?

I do still need to make the costumes for ConFlation, but I am not sure I have the two fabic colors I want.

I could make a third mock up for the Silverado, but the more I think it about it, the more I realize the Dore version is the general shape I will end up with anyway, so why continue that exercize in frustration?

I could make another corset in the altered Dore pattern I like so much, but I am quite sure I don't have all the hardware I would need to actually finish it.

Corded corsets are starting to look really interesting...

Or, I could do house work. Oh, yeah, THAT'S gonna happen! :P
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Seems I need to just chuck all my caffeinated teas out the bloody window! I can't seem to resist them and the shaking just isn't worth it. So much for drawing straight lines anytime soon...

Such lovely teas, too. :(