January 5th, 2006

Bite me

Okay, so maybe I am not over it.

Or maybe I am just hungry. meh.

There are times I adore the vanpool. Then there are times like this morning. I was the only one in the parking lot up until about 4 minutes before the van was supposed to leave, which is when the VAN showed up. Then D showed up and got in. At this point, it was time to leave, but shoot, there's P, just parking. She gets in, but well, gosh, there's K, just getting into the parking lot! 4 minutes after we were supposed to leave, we finally make it out of the parking lot.

I hear you, I hear you! You are saying 'but four minutes is nothing." No, it is not nothing. Four minutes is the difference between getting through 435 with light traffic, and hitting the start of the pile up.

Not to mention this is just sliding later and later, because the driver LETS THEM BE LATE. And gives me the 'but it's only a few minutes." The man will sit in the parking lot, waiting for people that never show up. "just one minute more'.

I knew I should have just driven myself, when it was 6:37 and still no van. I really should have, then I wouldn't have known what happened, now, would I?

Edit: is it bad that I have darn near sexually charged fantasies about leaving them all in the parking lot, wailing and gnashing their teeth?
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Gotta share.

I got the Medical Blooper Page-a-Day calendar this year, so you may get see lots of these. Just warning ya.

Today's says: A friend of mine with quadruplets brought one of them in to see the pediatrician. After the examination the physician asked, "So, how are the other children?"
She replied, "They've all got the same cough, I just brought you a sample.

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Good grief. I get online to crow, and get utterly distracted! And I have dinner to get to. Argh.

Anyway, I got RoboRally! Yeah, it's the new version with the plastic robots, but still!

I am not quite so amused to see they removed all reference to the colorful robots of the old game. Even if you DID have to paint them yourself.. with paint that wasn't included, so it could be seen as false advertising, but.... *sniff* I want a reference to paint these new ones 'right'!

Edit: Changed 'utter' to 'utterly'. I just spent all evening removing the 'ly' my fingers automatically added to words, yet here, I left it off... Kerri, Kerri, quite contrary.

Some advice to budding (and rather more than budding) Lotharios out there.

If you can't resist the urge to scrape your teeth across a woman's tender flesh (without permission, I might add) and she says 'Ouch! That'll leave a mark." it is best to apologize and then don't do it again.

Do NOT, for any reason, say 'No, it won't." and do it again. Because, when it does leave a mark (and allow that a woman might just know her skin better than you) she's not going to be thinking kind thoughts about you every time she sees it. And she might just have something ... hard to say to you next time she sees you.

Going on four days with this ugly yellow bruise.... (Just a note: I don't think this person even has an LJ)