January 9th, 2006


(no subject)

Yes, Kerri, it's true. If you want to see replies in your email, you really have to post.

But my life is unbelieveably boring.

What about getting RoboRally. You thought that was exciting.

Yeah, but who else cares?

And you were pretty excited to paint the figures.

Well, that's because they were all gun metal grey (if plastic) and too hard to tell apart at a glance. Now they are all different colors, but I lost all inspiration for detailing them. I am not so proud of that. And, will I ever get people to play it with me?

It helps if you ask, stupid. What about Carcassone?

It was on backorder. I plan to stop by the store tonight as see if it is in yet. There should be a message for me from the store at home, but since it's kind of on my way.... And the store would likely be closed by the time I could stop by the house for the message, then get back to the store.

What about Thomas?

Well, he went all weekend without his meds (since I didn't remember I was out until I was in Hutch) and we all survived. He ate more than usual on Saturday, then hardly ate at all on Sunday. Had a melt down about having to sit at the table while we all ate Sunday dinner, so I sent him to 'his' room until he could be civil. Grandma broke down and fed him what he wanted. But that's what Grandma's are for, I suppose.

Wait, you went over to your brother and sister-in-law's house while Dad helped Geoff mend their fence. And they had "Everyone loves Katamari". How did that go over with Thomas?

Like a house on fire. I wonder how much a PS2 costs.... and I didn't get Thomas much for Christmas....

How about your weight loss?

I think this conversation is over. :|