January 17th, 2006


Ruminations on two very different games.

I got to play RoboRally last night. Not only that, but I got to play RoboRally with five other people, ensuring a wonderful level of chaos. Four victims people had never played the game before, so the first round was somewhat sedate. By the second round, people were comfortable enough that things like the following could be heard:
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Oh, good times. Well worth being an mere hour late for bed.

As for the other game, well, it's a odd thing for me to find myself thinking about AC on the van ride into work this morning, but I blame it on Penny Arcade and their comic and commentary about DnD online. Tycho noticed that the dungeons had to be hand crafted and expressed doubt that the Devs could keep up with demand. What he seems to be unaware of (and this I can't quite believe, but I don't think they spent much time on AC) is that adding content EVERY SINGLE MONTH is what Turbine is good at. It's what they sell. AC was all about new content and storyline and fun fluff EVERY SINGLE MONTH (a little lighter right after Christmas) and I can promise you, every dungeon in AC is hand crafted. So was every new armor (and there was quite a bit of that) and weapon and monster. Sure, they add veriety by changing the color palette, but that was just within catagories. AND they were adding new code (at least after the first two/three years. srand will always be my HERO.) to support the new content.

So, in that respect, I am sure DnD Online will be fine. It's the actual gameplay that worries me.

Glad to hear it!

Medical Blooper for Jan 17

For clinical reasons, I inquired of an older female patient, "Are you and your husband still practicing sexual intercourse?"
"No! My husband and I are no longer practicing sexual intecourse, " Then she continued demurely, "Now we are very, very good at it."