January 21st, 2006


For Conflation 2006

The other Kerri and I are to be Conflation's Jesters (two! At once! Unprecedented!) this year. This will be our costume for at least some of one night.

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This picture is of hers. Mine with be the reverse of it. The green is rayon/nylon and the gold is silk duponi with embroidered suns.

*bad words indicating shock*

Just how tall is the standard model for commercial patterns, anyway?! Even taking into account the lowness of my waist (which does cause problems with patterns for fitted tops) this skirt pattern is LONG. Sheesh.

I am trying view C (the all white one in the picture) of Vogue 8003 and trying to figure out the best place(s) to shorten it. I am thinking 1 inch at the hips, then two inches from the bottom ruffle (since I don't think I have quite enough fabric.)