January 22nd, 2006


"...dried in a purplish blot"

My short-comings as a hair colorist are stained upon my skin. :p In purplish blots, no less.

I tried a permanent color this time, instead of my usual 'semi-permanent' color (which doesn't ever completely wash out). The color seems about what I usually have (maybe a little less red, hard to tell in the bathroom lights), but we will see how it wears. If I see the slightest sign of 'purplish' in my hair, I will be most displeased.

(L'oreal Superior Preference RR04 "Intense Dark Red")

*sigh of relief*

I had just enough of the lavender fabric for the skirt. I haven't worked with bias cut often, so this will be a learning experience. So, of course, I learn on silk. :p

The somewhat scary and the too darn cute.

My eight year old son knows exactly how many of each piece of tile Carcassonne has - and that happened after only playing two times. :O That's the type of thing they ban you from casinos for, right?

And, while playing yet another game of Carcassonne, he said "Oh my goodness gracious me" (which just happens to be one of my sayings). I'm so proud!