January 31st, 2006


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I almost had myself convinced to stay home and rest today. Almost. Then the whole argument fell apart with my own guilt trip.

So, I am at work today, but I have promised myself I will only be here for half a day, if I don't get some energy soon. Which I likely won't. I do have a Dr. appointment for this afternoon, however. Think on this: they offered me 8 am or 5:30. Hello? Those are some incredibly long hours, people.

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Crikies! Amoxacilin pills are big. Dr. seems to think I have an ear infection (and was surprised I felt no pain) so I am on antibiotics. weee. Please, no yeast infection, thank you. Now, if this tiredness would just go away....
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Lavender skirt update

I might just have a fabricgasm. Or something. This lace went on SO much easier than I expected.

The silk duponi is cut on the bias, which worried me, but it didn't distort like I expected it to and the lace sat sweetly to be sewn. I wish I knew how to get the color right, because the fabric is LOVELY.

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Three posts in one evening. So what?