February 2nd, 2006


Egads! And, she's undeniably breeding!

Medical Blooper for 2 Feb 2006

During a prenatal class, the doctor discouraged the women from taking tub baths during the last six weeks of pregnancy because of the risk of slipping and falling. One of the mothers-to-be interrupted, "I haven't taken a bath since I got pregnant. How would the baby breathe?"

I just added this to my bio, but since I doubt very much that gets read often, I put it here, too.

Now, about my username. Once upon a time there was a man by the name of Thomas (not to be confused with my son, Thomas) who was running an AD&D campaign. As he had an orphaned character that really needed to stay in the campaign, he asked if I would like to take her up and I agreed. This character's name was Solenacea (and to this day, I don't know if I am spelling that correctly...) and she was an elven Spellsword (or something like. She was good with both sword and spell.) I enjoyed playing with her, but the campaign petered out.

Then I started playing Asheron's Call. I made an Aluvian for my second (and, in the end, main) character and needed a name. Solenacea was pretty cool, but hard to spell, so I shortened it to Solan. According to AC lore Aluvians take their father's names as their last names with the added suffix of "-sun" for sons and "-mad" for daughters. Hmmm, Solenacea of Thomas' AD&D game quickly became Solan Thommad. And I was pleased. I started using the name for chat boards, even those not directly associated with AC. (As an aside, I couldn't help making an AC character for my son called Thomas Solansun.)

At least, I was pleased until I got one too many gripes from certain brothers about just how hard it was to /tell Solan Thommad, that is. ;) Keep in mind, one of the brothers often played Surin Lannock and the other had secondary characters with names like Renix's Librarian and Renix's Butler. ;D But I digress.

After that I started using just 'Solan' when I could but that was already taken when I started LJ and I just couldn't part with good old Solan (I answer to it in RL, for heaven's sake!) but was still smarting from the 'too hard to type out' comments. Thus I am Solan_T.

A note on just how I pronounce this, since it really isn't self-evident. I pronounce 'Solan' rather like "stolen" without the "t". "Thommad" is a little trickier. I have been heard to prounounce my son's name as "toe-MAHSS", rather than "TOM-ess", so perhaps you will understand why I thus pronouce "Thommad" as "toe-MAHD".

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A little background. My cube is located in what is called 'B4 Annex'. There's a B3 Annex just below. I spend a certain amount of time running between them since a lot of the people I need to exchange paperwork and such with are down on B3. B3 Annex also houses the New Mother's room. (which has a double pump! :O If only I had had access to one of those while working and breastfeeding Thomas...). After pumping, new mothers usually use the bathroom which is right around the corner to clean up their stuff.

I just happened to bump into a woman doing just that on Tuesday and we started up a converstation about it, and breastfeeding and pumping in general. I realized that I could feel that odd sensation of my breasts letting down their milk - only, of course, they had no milk! Weird.

Then, today as I was driving home, I remembered the converstation and started thinking once again of breastfeeding and pumping and all that and darned if I didn't get the odd goosebumps-on-the-inside feeling AGAIN.

The human body is a very odd thing.