February 16th, 2006


Riddle me this:

How can a perfume be simultaneously mildly pleasing to the nose and mildly upsetting to the stomach? And, no, I didn't drink it. :p

In totally other news: There are two QA auditors that routinely review my batch records. One, C, and I seem to communicate more often than not, but the other..... I have been heard to exclaim, upon hanging up on her, 'That woman and I SO don't communicate well!" Because we really don't. We both use English and our sentences are logical and sound, but the meaning and subtext seem to be on totally different wavelengths. She tends to lose her temper (or sounds like she's about to) and I say thinging like 'I don't think we are communicating' and then try to rephrase whatever I or she just said. It's frustrating, because I am pretty sure she's either not aware of the disconnect, or isn't even trying to get through it.

OOOO, so cute! Our Japanese clients (with the ointment from hell) just sent us a gift - little crackers. One kind is definitely flattened, dried shrimp, another is an unknown substance (slightly fishy) shaped like little hearts and the third are little rounds of sesame seed. Maybe they are not all bad.