February 21st, 2006

sewing action

I hate putting in zippers.

I should have given in to my lazy notion of putting in grommets and a lace, but I digress.

It took me only about 30 minutes to rip out the too-short zipper from the lavender skirt and put in the longer one. Unfortunately I seem to have pulled the (bias cut, remember?) fabric a bit and now the zipper puckers when I wear the skirt. I suppose I COULD rip the begger out (leaving it attached at the waist band, 'cause that was the most finicky part) and sew it down again, trying to get rid of the pull. Or I could just leave it. I really hate putting in zippers.

The odd thing was, the old zipper had seriously discolored. It was TEAL, or even a blue-grey, rather than lavender. I wonder if it was something in the silk.

I am being reminded of just how much I use my left thumb, because I accidently ran it along a sharpish edge of metal at work today and very nearly sheered off a divot of skin about a cm long, 1/2 cm wide and as much as a millimeter or two deep. Ow.

But it seems to be just one more item in a theme. I ran into the (convex) corner by my bedroom door Monday morning and it felt like I was trying to sheer off the outside half of my upper arm. Lovely bruise, that.

The fill went so exceptionally smoothly today, I am seriously wondering if we missed something. The project has been so problem-ridden it just doesn't seem possible it could go right.

Here endeth my update. Good night, all.