February 27th, 2006


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Happy Birthday to nkcmike today and (since I will very likely forget) phroggieterri tomorrow!

Back from ConFlation. I was rather lower energy than I wanted to be, but the people were fun, the dancing was fun and the costumes went over well. I can see the lavender skirt/underbust becoming a favorite con-costume very quickly.
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I have this incredible urge to make the green dress some artist put Cordelia in on the cover of "Cordelia's Honor" (see it here) 'cause, well, it's Cordelia and I already have the hair.... Anyone have a Bedazzler I could borrow? (oh, lord, I did NOT just ask that, did I?)

But, just how many people are going to 'get' it without me dragging the book around with me, I wonder? Even at, say, ConQuest? Especially as she's usually described as wearing tans.

On the other hand, I think I could make it out of silk (instead of the velvet it looks like) and add a white velvet, long overvest and have an outfit actually described in the book.... Hmmmmmm
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