March 2nd, 2006


Oh, now here's timing for you!

I wander over to looking to see if there's been any update to the ship date for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (last I read, it was 'Spring 2006'). There was nothing new on the "News for Elder Scrolls, Forums, etc." and I was disappointed. But then I thought, 'wait, maybe it's pinned in the Oblivion forum...". So I check. INDEED, there's a post declaring that Oblivion will be shipped on the 20th of March. OOOOOOOOOOO. I start to wonder if I am the last person to know this. Heh.

It was posted Today, 11:59 AM. OMG, I have information that is MINUTES OLD!!!!!
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Edit: *snickers at self* For some reason it didn't log me in until I clicked through my own post. The information was actually posted a little over an hour ago. But still. ;)
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I bet someone that reads this will have some answers.

I want to make a silk dress (The Cordelia one I have mentioned). For that I need silk in dark green. However, I am not sure what weave of silk I want. Duponi seems a little stiff for something described as having 'swirling skirts'. Satin would be too shiny (personal preference, there) I am thinking. Velvet is right out (although I do plan to use it for the overvest, like a good little geek girl). The jacquards I saw are tempting, but I don't know how they feel.

Now, assuming you all can help me with the weave choice, does anyone know just how to dye silk a nice dark green? 'Cause the only dark green I have seen in my online searches has so far been a velvet.. How difficult would it be? How messy? Am I better off if I keep looking?
Corset short

Lavender silk skirt and underbust.

This started with the skirt. Then I had to decide what I planned to wear WITH it. I had been playing around with altering the Laughing Moon Silverado to fit me, but failed rather sadly when it came to fitting the bust. (Even posted about it a few months ago.) The thought finally occurred to me that the pattern, as I had it, fit rather nicely up to the bust - why not just leave off the bust? Thus the plan for this underbust was born. I was delighted to find that I had enough of the proper sized scraps of the silk left to make the underbust, too. Lovely!

There are two "B" gores at each hip, the busk is 12", there are four 1/2" bones (around the grommets) and I have 20 1/4" bones around the rest. Although I didn't need them for bust support anymore, I still put three bones in each side-bust panel. In only one set of panels did I forget to take the layers apart before sewing the boning tape to the coutil, so most of the bones are not obvious.

The measurements while laying flat are:
Underbust: 31"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 38"
Waist to underbust: 5"

I put these on hastily, so the lacing is uneven and the skirt isn't completely square. But then, perhaps I just had it pulled too tight. Also, I KNOW this was cut out precisely on grain (it's rather easy if you happen to draw a line along a twill change, then lay the pattern piece over that, with the grain line right over the drawn line, right?) but the busk twists anyway. I guess that means my body is the problem. Phooey.
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