March 23rd, 2006


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Happy Birthday to stormknight and prncssvictoria!

Happy belated birthday to worldforger!

Me, I am marking time here at work. My package is marked as "out for delivery" with UPS. But I won't be home to receive it! Why do I have to be at work today?! I have had a package stolen before (around Christmas time, so maybe no worries now?) and have had them handed to neighbors that weren't HOME when I got home. AND, I rather expected some corsetry supplies to arrive yesterday, but there was nothing at my door. I will have to call the suppliers about that.
Happy Kiki

I am happy!

Happy, happy!

UPS didn't leave the package with a neighbor. Or at the door where it could be stolen. No, they left it with the OFFICE! Oh, happy day! Since I made sure I could leave work early, there was no question of the office being closed before I got there.

Have I mentioned I am happy? (oh, and the Richard the Thread order came at the same time. Now I just await the artificial whale bone from Grannd.)

I am off to install the game and lose myself to Oblivion!
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